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March-National Nutrition Month Challenge

I have a CHALLENGE for you. March is National Nutrition Month, Would you like to feel more energized? Achieve a healthier weight? Experience the benefits of digestive and immune support? Feel younger longer? You can feel amazing in 30 days, guaranteed! I have a challenge for you to do at least one thing to improve your nutrition for National Nutrition Month. You can add supplements like Vivix®, Vitalizer™, and Life Plan This is a simple thing you can do to get healthier in March. I am offering a Shaklee product as a prize for the person with the best healthy lifestyle success story at the end of the month. If you have made a New Year’s resolutions to get healthier in 2017, stick with it, or get back on track – it's never too late to get healthy or start over. Don't beat yourself up. Just taking a walk, or getting to the gym for a 20 or 30 minute workout can help. Hang in there and feel better for ever naturally!

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