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Why Are Chakras Represented By Different Colors?

Many people ask me this question and the simplest answer I can give is if you noticed is that the chakras are the colors of the rainbow, VIBGYOR. The color spectrum lies between Violet and Red. Above the Violet (head) is White light which comes from your Higher Power, which for me is Christ's light. We do have other Chakras throughout our body, but I would just like to talk about the Main Chakras which are our Energy Centers.

I will start with the Crown Chakra:

The 7th Chakra, the Crown Chakra is considered the last chakra since we start from the bottom of our body. It is related to Oneness of Our Higher Power, again for me God, and Wisdom. It's a representation of our connection to our Higher Power, and it's color is Violet as Violet is connected to our spiritual awareness.

Third Eye Chakra:

Is the 6th Chakra which is located in the center of the forehead, brow. It relates to our Intuition and intelligence. The Indigo color is associated with following our divine path using our Intuition. The Third Eye Chakra draws energy from the Indigo color in the rainbow.

Throat Chakra:

Is the 5th Chakra which is located at our throat. It is related to our ability to communicate and express ourselves It is blue in color and draws energy from the blue color in the rainbow. Blue is connected with the expression of ourselves by speech and communicating our needs.

Heart Chakra:

The Heart Chakra is the 4th Chakra in our body. It is related to love for others, ourselves and the world. It receives it's energy from the green band of the rainbow. Green is associated with the ability to give and take without any conditions attached. When this Chakra is open and balanced, it allows us to be able to give love and receive love to nurture and take care of ourselves. Green energy also connects us to unconditional love.

Solar Plexus:

The 3rd Chakra which is related to our personal strength, assimilation of experience, career, digestion and reaching one's goals. It's represented by Yellow and Yellow is associated with our Self Worth. How we feel about ourselves and how we feel others view us or think about us. It deals with our Ego. This is the largest chakra and draws its energy from the sun and the yellow band in the rainbow.


The 2nd Chakra is the Sacral Chakra. It's associated with our feeling, sexuality, sense of pleasure and abundance. "It's represented by the color Orange and draws energy from the Orange band in the rainbow."(Sunetra Dasgupta, Reiki Rays) It allows us to enjoy life, enjoy our freedom, expand our interests, and gives us the strength to cut ourselves some slack. It's an emotional stimulant and helps us to remove our inhibitions.

Root Chakra:

The Root Chakra is the 1st Chakra in the body. It's related to our basic instincts to survive and physical energies of life. "The Root Chakra is represented by the color Red as Red is associated with Self awareness. It gives us the ability of survival and stability on earth. It gives us power from the earth and energy on all levels. Red Energy connects us to our physical body and every action that we do needs the life force of Red."(Sunetra Dasgupta, Reiki Rays)

I borrowed some of this information from an article written by Reiki Master Sunetra Dasgupta,

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