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Reiki Treatment
Imagine yourself lying in a quiet, low lit room with beautiful relaxing music playing in the background. Warm flannel sheets and a cozy blanket to cover up with while receiving your Reiki Treatment. Healing energy pouring into your body for optimum healing. Crystal Healing and Koki Ho may be used during your treatment as well. Relaxation and healing are being done on you for your highest good. Before you know it your 20 min. to 60 min. treatment is finished and you feel refreshed and rejuvinated.


Chakra Cleansing

Included in 45 min. - 60 min. Reiki Treatments. Blocked Chakras can cause blockages throughout the body, Clearing the Chakras will clear any blockages that could be causing pain or discomfort.


Kekko Massage

Kekko Massage is used during your Reiki Treatment to allow the Reiki energy to flow through your body to enhance the effects of your Reiki Treatment.


Distance Reiki Healing

Reiki healing will be sent to you at an agreed time of day or night. You will receive 20 minutes of Distance Healing while you are lying in the comfort of your own home. Arrangements must be made prior to treatment and prepayment is required.


Reiki Psychic Surgery

is completely non-invasive. Reiki Psychic Surgery is a technique to remove deep-rooted blocks of negative or stagnant energy. These blockages can be the root cause of disease or pain and if not dealt wih effectively can cause great anguish and instability. Negativity can collect around individual organs and chakras, effectively strangulating their growth.

Reiki Psychic Surgery is a very effective way of dealing with these negative aspects of life, as well as alleviation and/or healing physical and emotional health problems.


Reiki Treatment 1.5 hours 

  • Guided Meditation 5 to 10 minutes (optional)

  • Reiki Treatment 45 to 60 minutes

  • Chakra Cleansing

  • Kekko Massage

  • Reiki Psychic Surgery 


Other Services

  • Reiki Treatment 45 to 60 minutes includes Kekko Massage & Chakra Cleansing 

  • Reiki Treatment 30 minutes (includes Kekko Massage & Chakra Cleansing)

  • Target Session 30 minutes

  • Distance Reiki Treatment 

  • Animal Reiki for your pets - (please inquire for details)

  • Sound Healing

  • Crystal Healing as needed

  • Essential Oils included in treatment as needed



Today was my third session with Mary Ann. The experience has been fantastic. I feel renewed, in-tune, and refreshed after each session. Not only does my body feel refreshed, but so does my mind. I recommend this for anyone. It is an individual experience, but I believe most people would benefit.


Karen D., Rosendale New York

I had a wonderful experience with Mary Ann. She was kind, helpful and supportive.

Diana D., Kingston New York

This is just a note to let you know that I believe in you! Angels all around.

Marti, Marlboro New York

Energy worker at Healing Touch Reiki alternative treatments
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